Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A tryst with the tower - I

The snow has melted and summer is at the door step. Took this shot just after sunset (these days sun sets at 8:15 p.m.). Had to waste couple of shots to get this perfect one. I wish it was a full moon day.


This shot is my entry to the NG's Daily Dozen category for this month. Click here to view the entry.


  1. Ahh! Great capture. Love the golden champagne glow emanating from the clock tower and the almost torch like moon light blob :) Roam more during nights to chance upon sights like this....:D

  2. @Priya: Thanks.. I love the university campus here.. esp the architecture. Most of the buildings are like castles :)

  3. :) Castles?? Hmmm....Interesting!! Dont knowif u r interested in architecture but.. Apparently US has this interesting and unique style of collegiate architecture that amalgamates the gothic style with some differences. The (80%)castles are classic romantic revival of Gothic though. It takes a keen eye to know the sub class of Victorian, neo classical and modernist versions.

  4. I can't differentiate between the Gothic and Victorian :P . But the ancient architectures please the eyes and form great shots when captured through the camera :)

  5. awesome pic :)
    now your campus is on my 'must visit list' as i love classical architecture!